About Dhamma Bhanḍāra

Dhamma Bhanḍāra, meaning the Nourishing Pantry (Bowl) of Dhamma, is one of the numerous centers in the western state of Maharashtra, India. It located in the fertile 'District of Lakes' which comprises of the Wainganga river, Sur river and Nawegaon dam.

The center is situated inside the city, and is well connected via various transportation modes. The center has an established main Dhamma Hall, separate residences for Male and Female, Toilets, Bathrooms, Dining halls, Kitchen, and Assistant Teacher Residence. Presently, it can comfortably accommodate 60 (30 Male and 30 Female) students.


New facilities added:

  • Male residence room - 10
  • Female residence room - 12
  • Separated all old rooms
  • Solar system for hot water
  • R.O. for drinking water
  • Rain water harvesting